Two star rated Dawes Giro - How bad?

Bike Radar reviewed this £300 Dawes Giro 200 back in 2009. It was awarded a whole 2 stars out of 5.

I saw it on for sale on ebay and it was located just round the corner from me (literally 5 minutes walk). Nobody else bid on it.

So just how bad is it?

Not as bad as I thought. I have had worse that's for sure.

I have no problem with downtube shifters and single pivot caliper brakes, been riding them since the 80s (remember Weinmann 500s). Got me through many paper rounds and mischief down the local park.

A few penny pinching issues. The rim tape was flimsy rubber, the rims still had swarf in them from the hole drilling. The original stem was made of pressed and welded steel. Old school seat clamp and post a bit fiddly.

Once resolved it makes a nice commuter bike. I have some chunkier Panaracer tyres to fit before it hits the streets proper. Just needed a damn good clean and a couple of gear cables.

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Accra, Ghana
All problems which can be sorted with a few replacement parts. Relates directly to the price which I'm sure wasn't a kings ransom. In guitar terms it's no Alembic but should do what you want in reasonable comfort with the mods.
I'd also change the brake cable together with the outers.
Always nice to bring an old bike back from the brink and turn it into something ridable.
I did the same with an old 2007 Trek I rescued from under a heap of bikes at a repairers here.


All secondhand parts apart from the saddle and gear/brake cables from Decathlon (yes, they do have a store here, two in fact).

Good luck.
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