1. Alembicbassman

    Two star rated Dawes Giro - How bad?

    Bike Radar reviewed this £300 Dawes Giro 200 back in 2009. It was awarded a whole 2 stars out of 5. I saw it on for sale on ebay and it was located just round the...
  2. Drago

    CycleChat Investigates - Star Trek

    Who is the best Star Trek character, and why? Once again, the thinkers and philosophers of Cyclechat must do their duty to settle the pressing question of the day.
  3. AndyRM

    Happy Star Wars Day!

  4. anothersam

    Best Star Trek characters

    For someone who’s not a big fan, I’ve watched an awful lot of Star Trek. Not sure I have a favourite… Quark from DS9 would be on my list of those who are fun to watch, which makes sense, as he was cast as comic relief. I also liked Michael on Discovery, though lost interest in the series...
  5. anothersam

    Worst Star Trek character

    My pick: Deanna Troi, famed counsellor to the stars, never struck me as having any real empathic skills. I’m calling BS on her at long last.
  6. yogie

    My Star Wars Media Center

    Hi @all As a keen Star Wars fan I have decorated the TV area. Here are some pics from our living room. ^_^ And of course a little hangar to store the remote controls. :laugh:
  7. Shut Up Legs

    R.I.P. one half of Mazzy Star :( His beautiful music will live on...
  8. DCBassman

    How difficult is it to replace a star nut assembly?

    Having done a bit of research, this ought to be do-able at home, with care. Parts are cheap, and it gives me the opportunity to regrease the headset bearings too. I'd value your input, folks.
  9. Yellow Fang

    Another Star Wars thread

    When I was 11 or 12, I am sure I would have been on the side of the Rebel Alliance, but now I am not so sure. I am more of a God, King and Country sort of guy, and I distrust the motives of these "rebels", as epitomized by that arch dissembler, Obi Wan Kenobi.
  10. Dirk

    Happy Star Wars Day

    May the fourth be with you..........
  11. pplpilot

    I've never seen a Star Wars film...

    Until today. Really dont like Sci-fi. In all my 47 years I've never seen more than 5 mins of any science fiction. So I had the morning to myself and thought I'd try out the imax at Cineworld. Sat through Star Wars in imax 3D. Gotta say the imax 3D experience is fantastic. Film itself was meh...
  12. MrMajestic

    Roval E5 Fusee Star wheelset - will it go 11 speed?

    I've got a set of the above mentioned wheels lurking on dying Specialized Allez Expert which I've loved since '06. The wheels were its second pair and ripped off a Transition I never loved at all. Now the Allez frame is corroded and looking dangerous I want to switch what parts I can to a new...
  13. T

    Tabby's star is at it again

    The star that shows extreme and irregular dimming patterns is playing up again and the call has gone out to turn all telescopes on it and try to work out what is happening. I so hope it is a Dyson Swarm and not mundane dust...
  14. EltonFrog

    Sgt. Pepper / Star Wars GENIUS.

    Completely Brilliant... The Star Wars Film sung in the style Of Sgt. Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band… WATCH ALL THE VIDEOS
  15. Yellow Fang

    Star Wars - when did it start going wrong?

    I reckon about half way through the first film when Obi Wan Kenobi got killed. If Darth Vader had only pruned off a limb or two, then we would have been spared that muppet Yoda. Also, I suppose it was the plan from the start, but I groaned when it was revealed that Darth Vader was Luke...
  16. Dirtyhanz

    Pashley mail star

    pashley mail star The bike has been completely rebuilt Professional sandblasted and powdered coated a lovely orange colour it comes with front and rear racks it has a three speed sturmey Archer XRD3 hubs and brakes new bottom bracket new headset new handlebars the duch type with cork grips I...
  17. PaulSecteur

    HP laptops and Star Wars.

    That's enough both of you - we don't need one of your adverts at EVERY commercial break on TV.
  18. U

    Star Wars (possible spoilers)

  19. Dave 123

    BBC Star Wars quiz.... 4/10 I need new batteries for me light sabre!
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