Dawes Galaxy


Girl from the North Country
About a year ago I bought a Dawes Galaxy Mixte frame from @biggs682

Today I rode home a complete bike!

2019-07-15 18.09.55.jpg

It has some new parts and some vintage bits - I wanted shiny bits! With a lot of help from my friends at the bike shop I built it myself.

It's going to need a few adjustments I think & I want to fit a rack but it rides nicely and I love the way it looks.


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Accra, Ghana
Wow Anne, you really did well. That is superb, give yourself a pat on the back. Much nicer than anything you could wheel out of a bike shop today, plus it's got all that character and history.


Girl from the North Country
@annedonnelly this one is sat awaiting a new owner

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Ha ha. Let me enjoy this one first :smile:
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