Dawes Horizon - Tyres?


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I am wanting to put racing slick tures on my Horizon and strip it down for the summer to speed up a bit.

I have been looking at 700 - 23 tyres.

I take it if they have wire rims then the will go on to my wheels that came with the bike ie 700 - 35 touring tyres.

Also tubes. Would I need to get smaller tubes for the 700 - 23 + spare tubes for the likely problems of having slicks?


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Go the wheel manufacturers site (Alex?), find your rim and check the min tyre size recommended. Or measure the internal width and check with Sheldon as suggested above. On my Horizon, the narrowest tyre I can use is a 28. I would very much doubt you could safely go less than this.


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I think you need to check the spec on your rims before going down to a 23.

My Horizon came with ZAC2000 rims and 700-37 tyres. I changed them for 700-32 marathon tyres which are within the spec for the rims and suit both me and the typical Somerset/ Devon road surface well. I haven't tried anything smaller but recall that with the rims I have the smallest size is a 28.

I now have a Mavic A319 rim on the front, with the 32c marathon tyre, which also works fine.


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As above you would need to check the inside width of your rims. You probably wont get away with fitting a 23mm tyre. You might get away with a 25mm tyre but I probably wouldn't fit anything smaller than a 28mm.

Your current inner tubes will fit a range of tyre sizes. You need to check the lower limit of the tube. Somewhere on the inner tube it will say something like 28-32x700. Ie, Fits 28mm to 32mm tyres.

Slick tyres irronically have MORE grip on a road than a similar width treaded tyre simply because there is more rubber in contact with the road. There is also no reason for a slick tyre to puncture any more often than a treaded tyre.

You will find that light-weight/skinny racing tyres are more fragile and less grippy than touring tyres slimply because there's less material there. This has nothing to do with the tread pattern, or lack of tread.

Have a look at the Bontrager Hardcase Lite tyres. Reasonably light, puncture resistant and best of all relatively inexpensive.


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I have a Dawes Giro 500. Same rims.

I roll round on 23-622 Conti UltraGatorskins with Conti 18/25mm tubes.

Changed from the OE tyres the day I bought it. No problems.


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For info.

My old Pug has MA2s. 19mm inside width.

It has a pair af ancient Panaracer Ivory wall 20 - 622.
The tyres outside width is the same as the brake track width.:smile:
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