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I just bought a dawes kingpin and it came with this awful seat & post. It doesn't look original to me, but does anyone know what it was from originally?

The post is 530mm/21" long and weighs 590g. 1200g for the saddle.




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How much does the bike weigh?
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Is it the vintage Kingpin or the modern Chinese folder? That certainly isn’t right for the older one - I have one and am in a Kingpin owners group on FB. Should be a plain chromed steel post with the reduced end for the seat mount. Yours looks like it has come off of an exercise bike or one of those city rental bikes.
@rich110 - this is the typical saddle, a white Brooks. The black one came on my latest Kingpin and may be a mid-80's original. The seatpost is longer as it's a 20" wheeler:

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dont suppose any of the white saddles are surplus/for sale are they , i am just about to search the dreaded ebay :wacko: need a saddle and rear wheel , could have sworn i had a wheel in the shed but :headshake:.


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@roadrash - not those but I've been given a large box of vintage parts. In there are several saddles which you're welcome to have your pick of for postage:

Thank you but i really want to try fid a white brookes in decent condition, i just gave myself a heart attack, price they want for a raleigh twenty 3 speed sturmey archer rear wheel on ebay :eek::eek:, there are a couple at decent prices but not willing to post, just my luck.
Hey Roadie - bide your time and I'm sure you'll get the parts. Pre covid, I got two R20's, one for a score and the other a fiver. The current ludicrous prices will abate once we get back to some kind of 'normal'. I strongly suspect you'll be able to get a complete R20 for less than the SA hub as a single item. Be patient and you'll be rewarded for sure :okay:
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