Dear Fellow Cyclists

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Confession time: It is now 2 weeks since my last ride. Have I been too busy? No. Have I been ill? No. Has the weather been too bad? A few heavy thunderstorms in the early morning when I prefer to ride on about three days. What can I do?
Don't feel too bad Mr Hippo. It's months since I've been on a bike. Coming on here is the nearest I get to cycling these days.:biggrin:


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Bourne End, UK
I know hoe you feel. As of last Wednesday I hadn't been out on my bike for three weeks and my only excuse was a bit too much work.

I did a 100K audax on Wednesday and a 200K on Saturday and now my thighs have the equivalent of a very heavy hangover.

I suggest easing yourself back in as soon as you can.
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