Death by Derny- Manchester Velodrome Sunday 8th August 2-5PM.


How much does it cost to Oldham?
Booked as per title.

It's a THREE hour session as opposed to the normal two so expect there to be an adjustment to pricing to reflect- more details when the paperwork comes through.

I'm gonna get a derny sorted for the last hour this one. If you're interested remind yourself on this getting out of breath and feeling a bit sick thing.

Caution: This session (the derny bit) is only for those who have been on the track before. Because it's a bit scary and it hurts.

So, who's in? First 24 definites.


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If I am not off in The Maldives or Mauritious or somewhere similar........I'm in.



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South Norfolk
Why does it have to be so far ahead?!?!* I don't know what I'm doing next month let alone August!

I'll pencil it in....

*Yes yes, I know these slots go quickly.


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South Manchester
Is the Pope Catholic ?

I'll be there.... 3 hours..eek gonna need some munchies............

Scary and hurts....bring it on.....

PS remember to be sick anywhere other than on the track.......:smile::blush:


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Wooo sounds fun. Stick me down.....Need to remember not to book holiday :sad:
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