Decluttering loft and found four bikes!


Hello all. I am a new member as of this evening. I will soon be 75 and don’t want to leave children with loft and garage plus garden shed to clear. Have donated two bikes to Julian House and bought a restored Hot Rod from them for grandson. I put my first post on this evening with two photos of a Raleigh gents bike that is at least 50yrs old, to ask for help in dating it. I saw it come on site and was thrilled I had been able to do it without asking for help. An hour later, I went to look at to see if any replies and it was no longer there. It must be me! I was only able to view it using Safari. I had spent ages on it too. Polo.


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Looks like you managed ok @Polo as I've seen your Raleigh post got some replies.

So, 75 is quite young really. Are you going to buy yourself a nice new bike once you've finished your de-cluttering?

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Hi @Polo and :welcome: to CycleChat.

The mystery of the disappearing thread is likely because it was still awaiting approval when you came back to look. The first few posts for all new members are manually approved by the moderators to make sure that you aren't a naughty spammer, so there can sometimes be a delay before they appear if none of us happen to be online.

I hope you enjoy the site.:okay:
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