Deralieur Problem


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I am pretty new to cycling and have an old Trek road bike. Been out for a few times and putting some miles on it recently but coming home the other night I noticed when I tried to click left hand shifter nothing happened. I limped home and had a look. When I acctuate the shifter lever and little thumb switch the cable tightens and slackens but the deralieur that the cable is attached to(on the centre post??) does not move at all. I thought about releasing the cable but I cat get into the allen bolt as the big gear at the pedals is in the way. Can I fix this myself or does it need to go to a bike shop? I dont really want it to be stuck in a shop for days on end. Any ideas?


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Somethings been mounted incorrectly by the sound of it as the cable pinch bolt shouldn't be impeded by the chain set/front cogs.
A photo would be handy.
There are lots of good videos on youtube that show you how the fit and set up front derailleurs. Looks at those and see if you can tell how your front derailleur is mounted. From there you may be able to go on to setting it up correctly.
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