Diagnosed with Lyme disease

Geoff Crowther

"... travel far, not fast", Ted Simon
Just had my suspicion confirmed by our GP this morning. I have a red, circular rash about 20cm in diameter around/behind my knee with evidence of a bite behind the knee. No other symptoms really, not actually unwell. We're in the outdoors a lot; walking and camping. Fortunately our GP is also well versed in outdoor pursuits and had no hesitation in prescribing a 12 day course of antibiotics. All good, except for the fact I can't touch any alcohol while taking them. Bugger! Glad to see it treated though. My symptoms are early ones - can get much. much worse.
BTW never noticed any tick, nor bite in recent past.
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Blimey @Geoff Crowther, what a good job that your GP was on the ball. Lymes is horrible and can get really bad if left.
Get well soon.
Geoff Crowther

Geoff Crowther

"... travel far, not fast", Ted Simon
Check for ticks in your wellies.
Rarely wear them but, nevertheless, a good point.
Geoff Crowther

Geoff Crowther

"... travel far, not fast", Ted Simon
GWS Geoff - does that mean the Sherpa stays in the shed for the next few months?
You must be joking Rocky. Just try an' stop me (20 miles today). Seriously, I'm really not unwell but thanks to you and everyone else for the kind thoughts. Of course, if Chrissie hadn't, quite correctly, flagged it up after seeing my leg in the bath t'other day (I like to restrict her access to my stunning bare flesh you'll understand) I might not have seen the GP and the consequences of no early treatment can be quite alarming.
Timely reminder for us all though. Ticks should have been gone long ago in the autumn but, it would seem, thanks to the mild weather the little sods still linger.
Bring on the frost!


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Crikey - I presume that was caught in stage 1?

Tbh - the alcohol thing is neither here nor there. It's one crap disease that can stick with you indefinitely if not sorted quickly.

One reason why I never go into the countryside/mountains etc in shorts - although that in itself is not 100% successful all the time.

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