Did the Earth Move for you Darling?

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Only a (paranoid) Muslem regeime could come up with that!!

Lets look at Iran's Global warming imprint on the world instead will we, seeing as they are STILL flying 742s and SPs!! (for the uninitated amoungst you, a '742 is a '747-200, it is just that aviation enthusiatsts shorten names, so that a 787-800 would be a '788. Simples!).

Oh GOWD are you really so dumb that you don't know what a zarking SP is??

Look '747 SP up on google then SP- SPECIAL PERFORMANCE!! (and they are actually very historic aircraft).


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Who is it on CC who has the sig about the priest who can control people with superstition more easily than a soldier with a gun?

Edit: It's Rhythm Thief.

This is the same kind of crap that catholic priests churn out every Sunday in Africa. I know: I've been to masses there.
ComedyPilot said:
The men have no responsibility for their actions in the causing of the 'earthquakes' have they?

Uphill gardening doesn't count! :smile:


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So what has caused the volcano in Iceland to erupt?

Girls and women not washing the dishes?
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