Difference between Sportful Gruppetto Pro & Total Comfort Bibshorts


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I'd like some uber-comfy bib shorts because I have a 24 hour bike ride coming up.

I was looking at Sportful Total Comfort bib shorts, which look really good. However I've also seen recommendations for Sportful Gruppetto Pro bib shorts.

Does anyone know what the difference is? The Gruppettos are quite a bit cheaper, so if they're similar I'll go with them.


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Quite a bit of difference in those - Total comfort has a pretty big pad, compression fabric and the Ltd bibstraps, the Gruppetto has a low profile BodyFit pad and mesh bibstraps.
For me the BodyFit pad is more comfortable, as are the shorts in general though i really like the LTD bibstraps - you can get a good blend of both if you buy the BodyFit LTD bibshorts - pad is in between and you get the good straps!


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Thanks for that.

I bit the bullet and ordered the Total Comfort bib shorts earlier before you replied, so I'll see what they're like when they arrive.
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