Disc pad change


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Do they appear to match your existing pads? If not sure check with the technical docs on Shomano's website.

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Ok i have removed my front set of pads this afternoon and i have a screw which holds the two pads in place. Not a cotter pin.

The pads are rectangular and have the hole at the side. I dont think i can take a photo to show which pads i have. I cant see them on amazon.

The link above is not what i need i think.
I need to change my disc pads on my shimano deore brakes.
The ones you linked too are physically the same as mine that I recently changed, but they are stated as being semi-metallic.
Check your discs as mine state 'RESIN PAD ONLY'.
There is some argument that unless you're downhilling then it wouldn't matter, but resin pads are easily sourced so I stuck to the same and ordered Shimano ones.

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