Disposing of old tyres


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I was under the impression that the Local Authority (acting as the Waste Collection Authority) had a legal responsibilty to collect and/or offer disposal facilites for all household waste? I understand why you wouldn't want to question your wife though Patrick!

Asterix - I reckon plastic and rubber would decompose after a few decades rather than a millenium! I understand what you're saying though...


Dispose of them correctly by placing them into a container for rubbish, commonly known as a bin. This is the environmentally-friendly way of disposing of them, because just chucking them into a bush renders you a litter-bug.

John Ponting

John Ponting said:
car tyre fitters seem to charge 50p per tyre for "environmental disposal" and I guess they'd be only too please to take 50p for bike tyres.
Elmer Fudd said:
Nip down to your nearest Tyre Sales, Kwik Fit et al and wang over the fence onto their pile of scrappies.

two minds with almost a single thought :biggrin:

Chris B

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A friend of mine makes djembe drums (think bongo) and she's always after old bike tyres as they use them to protect the bottom rim as it were. Not sure how many drum makers there are out there but re-use is better than recycle etc.


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Limoges or York
Keith Oates said:
Save them until November the 5th, nobody will notice then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They might if it's the only thing left dry enough to burn!!!!!!
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