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ChrisKH said:
My mother went through the same in about 1976 Mickle so I sympathise. My father didn't travel a lot but was constantly at work and we rarely saw him in the week. With four kids it was too much for my mother who went to pieces, had a complete breakdown and went to the local loony bin. She had electric shock treatment, the works. She denied it later but I knew she had. She was away for about 12 weeks in the end and came back not being the same person. Suddenly she wanted to do things outside of the family sphere (which is good) but she then took a job working entire weekends and evenings which meant from our perspective she wasn't there. Fortunately I was 13-14 by then and it gave me an opportunity to be independent and rely on myself (if only I had known just how much). God knows how it affected my brothers who were younger. My sister was a rebellious 16 year old which didn't help.

Anyhoo, Kirstie my now wife had a job travelling and working late from the date of her graduation to when she had our first son 7 years ago. I spent the best part of 13 years waiting in a way for her to settle down and whilst I don't regret it, there is a part of me that wishes I had done more for me in that time. If I have any advice, it is don't forget about your life and career; he is living his. Take up a new hobby, or up the ante on those you have. Is a change in job or career necessary? I'm sure he won't expect you to just sit and wait around for him and you will have more to talk about when he is there. If your relationship is strong it will last, but make time and opportunity yourself otherwise you could end up resenting it in the future.

I hope this has come across right.
she had what?!


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bonj said:
she had what?!
ECT Electro-convulsive therapy. Have a gander at "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest". Twas fairly common back in the day, incl at the hospitals my parents/other relatives worked in in the 60s....


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Smeggers said:
I can personally testify that it was still carried out about 10 years ago.
It's still used, although it's no where near as traumatic as it used to be.

My grandmother needed electro shock therapy 3 times over a period of 4 years and it worked wonders. Such a huge difference between her before treatment and after.

They had to section her under the mental health act to do it though, but then lifted the section as soon as the treatment was over.


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In the late 1980's, it was used for treatment of severe post-natal depression. I met a woman who had it - she gave a talk at a NCT group I attended. The experience she described was *horrendous*


I am just completing 6 months of Sun - Fri commuting between E Yorks and Glasgow. It has been a complete pain and although not the most financially advantageous option, we have chosen to stop the living apart and my wife is moving up to Edinburgh. I found the <2 days together each week was not good. As I type, our furniture is on the A1.
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