Do fixies exist?


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I have been trauling through online sites and I cannot seem to find any bikes refered to as fixie. I have found fixie commuters but they have flat bars.
Where can I find a fixie, dropbar, alu bike?
do you mean a track bike..?

'fixie' is a short form of 'fixed wheel' - or you could try looking for 'single speed' instead...


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Try searching for fixed gear.

There's Specialized Langster's, Fuji will do one, Charge as well...loads of them out there. Check out Evans as a starting point for some models


Pearson Touche, are they still making those? Also, there are bikes sold as single-speeds (ie, with a freewheel) but with a flip-flop hub whose other side can take a fixed sprocket and lockring. Genesis Day 01 Cross has drops and a flipflop which I presume can take said lockring on the dark side..


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Any bike with horizontal rear dropouts can be converted into a "fixie", in fact any bike with vertical dropouts can be too with a device to take up the slack. Most of the big names will sell a single speed frame offering like a Langster or a Bianchi Pista, you just need to change the hub in the rear wheel to a fixed. A better option is to try contacting a shop that specialises in fixies because the big brands for like marketing a fixie for whatever reason, and a specialist shop will build one up for you. In London there's Velorution or Brick Lane Bikes that'll sort you out. It's more of a scene with fixies anyway, to fit in with the hipster crowd you need to be riding something a bit customised or mashed together from eBay, if you turn up on an off the shelf fixed gear bike you'll be laughed at by the men in tight jeans and moustaches.


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Cavendish Cycles have a good website too as far as I remember.

Edit - they did once, but its gone now. The shop is still there by all accounts.


Cheers for that vickster. I'd point out to people responding that the OP asked for aluminium frames specifically. Having said that, my favourite fixie (yes!) is still my departed Peugeot just-barely-chromoly homebrew shitboat.


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The lfgss forum is a decent resource for all things fixed. London fixed gear single speed incase you were wondering. Another option would be Condor websites bike builder.


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Alloy frame for fixed gear might be tricky, usually steel for some reason. I'd rather steel were it me anyway. Something like this:
Edinbugh bicycle coop do a drop bar alloy frame fixed/ss

I owned one for a year but it was slightly too small and gave a bit of a battering ride so I sold it and bought a charge plug.

Edit: which is the right size and gives a bit of a battering ride!
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