Do watch cycle product Vlog reviews on YouTube?

Discussion in 'Research and Questionnaires' started by simon the viking, 10 Dec 2017.

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  1. Before buying anything Cycling related?

    I have done a few reviews for cycling products on my own blog but I'm thinking about going into Vlogging on YouTube. I wondered how many people might watch similar content.

    I've acquired a couple of products for reviews and was thinking about using my blog review as a script for a youTube video....

    Please vote and post any relevant comments below.
  2. Tom B

    Tom B Über Member

    Watching videos / vlogs must be one of the most inefficient was to receive information.

    My employers has recently decided to get with the kids and the managers weekly newsletter / blog is being delivered as a video. What was a 2-3 min skim read, picking out the buts of interest is now a 8-10 min borefest listening to him prattle on about stuff I'm not interested in or is irrelevant to me. Add the extra time wasted up and multiplied by 2-300 staff and it's a huge amount of wasted time, that's before we consider data costs.

    With stuff like reviews and comparisons it's nice to be able to review and look at comparisons. It's just hard work on a video.

    Give me a magazine or newsletter any day.

    Oh and I hate these 10+ second unskipable ads inserted into or before YouTube vids. I usually lose interest and turn it off.
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