1. A

    Comparing Cycling Reviews - GCN vs Cycling Tips

    Saw various reviews since yesterday and I picked what I thought was the best and the not so good . Guess which is which. GCN View: Cycling Tips View: I was surprised how some have deteriorated...
  2. woodbutcher

    Film reviews

    Has anyone seen "2 Days in Paris" if so what did you make of it ? Or is Julie Delpy reason enough for watching ? She's the one with no beard by the way ^_^
  3. M

    Sausage Reviews

    At last, a place where you can get authoritative reviews on sausages. The only thing missing is a sausage chat forum.
  4. tony111

    Funny Amazon Reviews.......
  5. buzzy-beans

    Totally meaningless reviews!

    I always attempt to read as many reviews as possible about a product, almost any product, before I make the decision to buy on line. Currently I am looking to buy some replacement fast road tyres and went onto Amazon to see what they had to offer, some of which made for quite interesting...
  6. simon the viking

    Do watch cycle product Vlog reviews on YouTube?

    Before buying anything Cycling related? I have done a few reviews for cycling products on my own blog but I'm thinking about going into Vlogging on YouTube. I wondered how many people might watch similar content. I've acquired a couple of products for reviews and was thinking about using my...
  7. SpokeyDokey

    Giant Conduct brakes - any user reviews please?

    As these have been around a while now do any CC'ers have hands-on experience of these please? I know my way around Shimano hydraulic brakes re maintenance (within reason) but I can't find out much about them online other than Giant's own marketing blurb. Any performance comparisons with...
  8. Devon hills

    Focus Paralane

    Any owner review would be appreciated before I buy.
  9. Chess

    Kalkhoff Endeavour 8 reviews ?

    Hi all. Looking for owner reviews on the above if anyone can post a link that would be great and much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  10. Inertia

    Shilpa Shetty's Book reviews

    She recommended Animal Farm with the following quote "Even a book like Animal Farm should be included as it will teach the little ones to love and care for animals," she added." :eek: I read it when I was at school and it did teach me a lot though Im not sure looking after animals was the...
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