Do you ever


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wish you had carried on cycling as a child?

I can't remember a hill I could n't get up.
I did n't have a triple.
I did n't have a water bottle.

might be why i stopped.

I did n't have a mortgage.
I did n't have a bottle of wine most nights.
I did n't have a wife. oooops do n't tell her.

I'm sure there is a lot more too it than that, but I do regret not having an active cycling life through my life.


Don't worry about what you've missed, think about what you can do. There's loads of it out there waiting for you. Go get some of it.


Frogs are people too.

I rode a bike to 17, caving to 28, hill walking to 40, swimming to 50 and now back on a bike. Next year I am going to have a go at kayak. Variety is the spice of life :eek:
Not really.
Cycled until I was 18 or so, then cricket and rugby took over, with long periods of travelling the globe (not by bike :eek: ), stopped cricket and rugby, travelled less, started 'playing' golf and started cycling again.
Now I just want to travel, by bike. ALL THE TIME.


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Off the back
When I was a teenager, women, cars and alcohol suddenly became far more interesting than my bicycle :blush:
Now I'm in my second childhood and back on the bike again :eek:


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derosa said:
Now I'm in my second childhood and back on the bike again :eek:
Reminds me of one of the first outings with a group of fellow retired folk with whom I do a regular 50 miler. I was at the back of the group chatting to the only female and the group was strung out racing down a gentle gradient when the lady turned and said "you lot look like a bunch of 12 year olds on their bikes". It often feels like that as we glide along the country lanes while the rest of the world is at work :blush:


I cycled everywhere up to about 25 ish,then a motorbike came along(cos i could afford one,been married for 4 years then)did a few different sports some competitively until about 30,then jobs changed and so did shifts so everything went on the on bad type shifts now so stops me doing what i want,so motivation and energy have been a problem,but im hopefully getting some of those two back now,but i wished i had carried on with things,even a little because iv let myself go a bit im afraid :eek:
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