do you need to test ride


looking to buy a new bike sat on 5 differant ones and the giant defy 1 felt best but cant test ride it due to bad back, but its the last one in shop and he is only going to hold it till monday plus its only £875 should i take a chance or do i really need to ride it. not sure how back will cope with ride and effect how bike fills in future .


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I bought my Thorn club tour over the internet, but it was Robin Thorn I spoke to and I had to give him all my measurements and he worked out what frame size I needed.
Really you do need to sit on it at least, can you not find a mate with the same build as yourself, that is the best I can think of

Gerry Attrick

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Do you need to test ride? Yes yes yes yes. How do you know if you like the ride characteristics let alone geometry? Buy without test riding and you could wish you had kept the cash in your pocket for a bike you really like. Anyhow, is it likely the dealer will sell it on Tuesday?
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