Do you sometimes catch the front wheel with your feets on the pedal?

Do you sometimes catch the front wheel of your bike with your feets when making slow turns?

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I'd was wondering how common this problem is. I have it. When I'm riding at low speed and turn the front wheel to avoid potholes, broken glasses, etc, I sometimes catch the front wheel with either of my feets.


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I've never had it but I have a big bike frame and small feet


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I can only just touch the mudguard with my toe end on the tourer but I think that's because I set my cleats further back while experimenting with a new pair of shoes. Not a problem and not genuine overlap. I have a road bike without guards and it doesn't happen on that one.


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Yes on the genesis...and bizarrely catching the mudguard with my clodhopping feet while turning at some lights in chertsey found me somehow on my feet with the bike on the road, although a pedal did whack my injured leg as I detached myself from the bike. Very odd manoeuvre as @jefmcg will attest! Problem is opposite to buggi I have big feet, full length mudguards but a relatively short reach being 5'10 on a 54cm frame with a 100mm stem

I have feet rather than feets however!


One bike of mine has toe overlap due to a combination of factors - shorter wheelbase, frame geometry, longer crank. The only thing you can adjust is the crank length meaningfully, just have to pedal slightly faster. Moving the cleats is not ideal.
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I used to suffer from toverlap on my tricross, but only at really low speeds, so not really an issue. IIRC I only caught it on the mudguard, but wasn't a major issue for me


Yep, have it on 2 of the 4 bikes. It's summat you learn to live with easily - no sharp turns and if you have to, then outside pedal at 6 o'clock.

It's the price you pay for a sharp handling bike.
I get it on my Cyclocross - bought it from Halfords and frame is slightly too small for me. However, I only get it on extremely sharp (usually very slow - turning that sharply at speed would be leans bond my ability) turns.

Don't get it on my road bike which I bought from a LBS and fits me better.
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