Do you want to see my holes?


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I know people complain about potholes and grids in the UK but you should see what I have to put up with!

Please note - just received the ATC2K and trying it out - I know it's tilted, I know it will be better on my helmet; both problems have now been sorted!

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I see they're very civilised in Bangkok.

They know which is the right side of the road to drive on.


are they like that all over thailand?
my bro was once considering going there on a motorbiking holiday and was talking to someone about how he was planning to get a cheap scrambler when out there, to which they replied (having already been to thailand) - "nah, you won't need a scrambler mate, thailand's known for its smooth roads!"
was he having him on?
Good you've joined the club!:rolleyes:

Which part of London is that? The weather certainly looks better than I thought it would be at this time of year :rolleyes:

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Potholes - nah they're mild ripples in the road compared to the potholes around here. We lost a club mate the other day down one cos he didn't rope up at the start of the club ride

Oh and who's phone number was that on the green fence near the end. You went past it so fast I couldn't write it down
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