Does anyone know how to adjust the sound on my windows laptop?


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Sorry to ask something so basic but, when it plays music or anything, it sounds all echoey. It's a right pain in the bum.
I have looked about and I'm afraid that I haven't a clue how to change it. All I can find is speakers on or off, nothing about changing the sound settings.

It sounds like people talking in an empty huge bathroom. Singing is even worse.

I'm running windows 8.1 for my sins and it's only just started happening.

Thank you in advance.

PS. Not my ears, my macbook is fine.


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Go down to the start bar, in bottom right corner you will see a speaker icon, right click on it, and then from there see if you can adjust the settings.



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I've done the speaker button thing. I've also got Maxx Waves but it doesn't do anything. I click on the buttons but absolutely nothing happens.

I am going to take the laptop to guitar class and chuck it at Leigh and see if he can sort it. He's very techy.
I have got to the hair pulling out stage. Hubster has looked at it too and he's given up.

I shall have another look on those buttons at the bottom though. I could have missed something.

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This is what happens when you let women away from the sink....

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