Does anyone still take part in a pub quiz?


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I've not heard of one local to me for quite a while now, and would've thought that Google/smart phones might have killed them off.

Then yesterday I pass a sign advertising a smart phone pub quiz, how does that work?


Yep. Not so often now because our quiz partners have moved to Scotland, but it is a very popular evening at the pub.


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Last pub quiz I did was during a Coast to Coast. The blatant cheating via smartphone put me off doing any more ever again. It was ridiculous how many people were taping on their phones all the way through. During the music round, people were standing next to the speakers holding out their phones so their apps could tell them who the song was by.

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Only two in the last twelve months, one in York and the next a couple of weeks ago here. In Portuguese, in the imitation English pub. Loads of fun!
The smart phone has rather spoiled the concept now.

Back in the day you chose your team members based on their wealth of general knowledge. You would have an old person to identify the music from the past, someone sporty for the inevitable cricket/rugby/football questions, someone a bit nerdy in case any academic type questions came up, and me to get the beers. Now it seems they who can type the quickest and has the fastest internet connection is the one they go for :sad:

Funnily enough did a quiz just a few weeks ago while on holiday in Cornwall. It was run in the clubhouse of the site we stayed at but there was uproar and controversy when the marking was done! The question was; "Who is the host/presenter of QI?" and the quizmaster seemed to think it was Stephen Fry. Apparently news of change takes a few years to reach the more remote parts of the country (Newquay) :laugh:

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[QUOTE 5292141, member: 43827"]I the occasional visiting teams.[/QUOTE]

The pub quiz at a local I used in London was spoiled by a visiting team who were 'quiz professionals' who turned up just to take the few quid on offer.

The manager responded by throwing in a few hyper-local questions, which was partially successful in levelling the playing field.
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There's a few round my way and I've done a couple.


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used to enjoy doing pub quizzes... but one of my (ex) mates used to really piss me off because he'd always get his phone out and text a question to someone (it was before we had smart phones). If you're going to play a game, then play within the spirit of the game... some people are just devious i guess. :thumbsdown:

I used to love the half time food too, which in some pubs was appalling and others was great. The Fleece in Dolphinholme did pizza, curry, pies, etc. ...all for the £1 entry fee. The first prize was a £15 food voucher, 2nd £10 and 3rd a £5 voucher. To stop the same team winning every week, last week's winners were on a 5 or 10 point deficit, So if we won, we'd skip a week. After about six months we had vouchers worth about £150, so had a big slap up meal at The Fleece... nom nom nom. :hungry:

edit... answer to the OP. Unfortunately not... varying shift patterns, illness and house moves has fractured the team we had.

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A few years ago I was at a pub quiz with a visiting American. The question was "which Premier league team plays its home games on an island? " My American guest, dashing the stereotype view of Americans and geography, said "all of them". The quiz master, seeing that we were unlikely to trouble the podium, allowed it. (The answer on the card was Portsmouth).

The last pub type quiz I went to was in a theatre and included a round called "Wasp or Harry Potter spell?" El quizmaster read out a latin, or latin sounding, phrase and we had to decide wether it was a wasp or a Harry Potter spell.


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I was at a pub quiz in our village local, The Yokel and Pitchfork, fairly recently, although I wasn't participating.

One of the question was "what was Boy George before he was famous?" Some old farmer boy shouted, "a f******* p***." Now, I'm not a fan of Mr George, but I'm also not a fan of homophobia, so I'll be going to the Conservative Club instead next time there's a pub quiz on,
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