Does this chain ring look worn?

I have been looking at a used bike online that I am interested in. It is described as one year old. I don`t know much about bikes but some of the teeth on the chain ring look a bit different to the rest of them.
Chain ring 2.jpg
On most modern bikes, you will see a few teeth spaced evenly around the rings, that are slightly shorter. These are supposed to be that way, it's part if the mechanics of smoother shifting.
The picture is a bit small to tell to be honest. From what I can see I would say it`s ok. When chainrings are badly worn the teeth tend to look like shark fins, and get very pointy


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Looks okay and if it is a year old you'd have to do a significant milage to wear the ring out.
The derailleur a little high so you'd do well to readjust it to run nearer to the chainring, about the width of a flat screwdriver blade.
Might be as well to check other items on the bike for wear.


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I'll go against the grain and say, bearing in mind it's not a brilliant photo, the teeth between 4 and 6 o'clock look quite bad. It might be me, but I'd want to see those teeth in a better photo. The one right next to the hole at the bottom looks like its early gone and theres some possible damage at around 10 oclock.
I've seem worse but I've seen better.


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If you want to know what a worn chainwheel looks luke, have a look at my thread asking if I got my moneys worth from my components.
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