Does this happen to you....

A couple of times recently the same thing has happened to me...

Commuting along a straight road (different roads but similiar conditions) when as I approach a factory opening or supermarket carpark a lorry has pulled out slowly, I then slow down or stop as I am aversed to being squashed by 10 - 20 or so tonnes of lorry..... The driver has then gesticulated at me rudely indicating that he was waiting for me to pass (and obviously saw a gap in traffic coming the other that he wanted to take advantage of.....) To be fair I sometimes gesticulate back:shy:

Now perhaps I should commit myself and go for it rather than wuss out.... BUT how am I to know he has seen me and is letting me pass rather than not seen me.....

Now is it me being timid/bad riding.... or bad driving by the lorry driver....

I hope the description is clear and just wondered what other C.Cers would do.....


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I would always wait for the lorry to go first.

But saying that, only last night at a major London RAB undergoing major building works. Motorists and cyclists alike are confused at the new layout meaning that every one is chopping and changing. I came up to a lorry moving right across the lanes but not really getting anywhere. I stuck behind waiting to see what would happen. The driver saw me in his mirrors. He waved me through. I shouted was it ok? He confirmed ok to go. So I did. Gave him the thumbs up.

But... I will always wuss out and wait behind.
Cheers Ian.... I thought the same but on both occasions the lorry drivers looked annoyed... and made it clear they thought they were doing me a favour!


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I think in your case, a cheery wave to the driver asking him to go first would be best. That way if they come across you again they will probably remember you and give you time and room. Karma and all that.
Might try that idea because obviously if I do end up going first.... they then have to pass me....... But it hadn't really happened to me before in 3 years of commuting until a couple of weeks ago and then again yesterday....


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Go when you think it's safe, not when some Yorkie muncher thinks it is.


Generally I much prefer whoever has priority to take it. That's what I'm expecting them to do, and what I hope they're expecting me to do. Going against such expectations just gets confusing for all involved. HOWEVER it does mean as a cyclist, being very sure that everyone has actually seen you and has the same expectations. If I saw a lorry pulling out, then yes I'd stop. Sometimes grumpily. If I saw a lorry stop pulling out, then I'd probably continue if I thought I'd been clearly seen.


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I agree with @biking_fox. If I have priority I do what I hope other road users would expect me to do. If a vehicle is already pulling out I slow down if I need to and let them get on with it.
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