Don't be afraid of a backpack. Deuter is the bees knees


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Looe, Cornwall
I was a bit negative about using a backpack when on my road bike but I bought me a Deuter Bike 1 (£49) and I never looked back. It is very comfy and I sometimes forget I have it on my back. As I start my trips early in the morning I need an extra layer on and need to take it off when the temperature is raising + for some food, camera aso. I can really recommend it.


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Doesn't it leave you with a sweaty back?
I've got a relatively cheap laptop backpack and even that lets enough air circulate between the padding to keep most of the sweaty back unpleasantness at bay. I imagine the ones better designed do it really well. I can't get my head around the idea of a pannier, riding with all the weight on one side or the other of the bike doesn't seem very stable.

Alan Whicker

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Deuter bags are very well made. I've got a Deuter Bike 1 (I think) that's still going strong after about 12 years. Hasn't half had some muck on it over the time I've owned it, but it always comes out of the washer looking like new. I remember when I bought it that the salesman in Blacks was amazed that it had a little pouch for the pump :smile:.


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Sweaty Back? The amount I sweat when riding it wouldn't matter what I had on - no backpack and I still pour!

I've tried panniers and have recently become a small backpack convert as I am sure my times have improved. I don't feel it particularly as I try and keep the contents to a minimum and the drag is far less than with panniers.

I think mine is a Vango something 15 or 20 - not bike specific, but very small and comfortable - probably much cheaper than a bike one as nearly all bike kit is overpriced in comparison to other similar products. Unfotunately some things you just have to pay for, but backpacks aren't one of them.


Anyone thinking of such things (I have a Lowe Alpine Airzone with a similar system and similar excellent results) might get some benefit from this article. Not just for the bags they test but to give an idea of what is good & bad about the various options.

One thing to remember is that the general downside of the air gap (that the pack is held further from the body) isn't such a concern when cycling as most bikes have you leaning forward, so the weight is carried on or over your hips anyway.
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