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The Kazakh squad insisted that Iglinskiy had doped without the knowledge of the team...“Valentin has admitted to using prohibited substances on his own initiative and independently, without any consultation from the Astana Pro Team staff.
So they were just upset that he was freelancing (or freebasing)?

Just imagine Vino trying to keep a straight face as he sacked someone for doping. Oh the irony.
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How did I miss this!
Rabottini again - he's as dumb as Di Luca

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How did I miss this!
Rabottini again - he's as dumb as Di Luca
Strangely enough he wasn't really in a particular good form during the Giro (while he had shown some good signs in the beginning of the season).
He must have made some miscalculation with his timings ;)

How long (or how many doping hits) is this team gonna be able to continue?
(and maybe even more disturbing, how can the Giro keep giving this team a wild card)
Does anyone know how to access the mythical updated list of suspended/banned riders? I have seen it linked in pdf form in articles but having searched the UCI website I have failed to identify it's location.


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The best way is to combine the sources for a wider picture.

Although limited in dates, Dopeology is historic, and not up to date. The UCI is current, but not historic
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