Dragon Ride


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I've got a place booked for the Dragon Ride Gran Forno (190Km) on 6th June (South Wales - Pencoed is the start).

Unfortunately I won't be able to make it.

The ride is sold out and my place is transferable.

Does anyone want it, it cost me £30.

First come first served!!


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South Wales
I hope it doersnt go to waste its a spectacular route, I cant do it due to work commitments but rode about 45 miles of the route on my own including the Bwlch and Rhigos mountain bits. Possibly thje most satisfying ride I have done to date.


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Is anyone else doing the Dragon Ride this year? I thought it was quite a big event but there's not been too much chat about it on here.


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I'll be doing it this year and I'm a bit worried about the amount of climbing but then again I've also got the Maratona in the Itallion Dolomites to worry about too, a few weeks later.

My problem is I've got the sportive bug, but sadly ability levels aren't quite matching my ambitions yet. :ohmy:
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