Dream job here I come!


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Well, I may (fingers crossed) be working in a bike shop soon woohoo!! Will cover the bills/ debts that i seem to be racking up extremely quickly at uni, but unlike my friends who work in supermarkets and hate their jobs, this is an awesome job, as a sales assistant/mechanic. Actually, its not just the money and chance to learn a lot about bikes im most looking forward to...its the staff discount :biggrin:

The only downside is the shop has a major penchant for Orbea bikes which im not the greatest fan of, but i think i can live with that


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well its in Bristol, i hear theres a fair few members out that way. I wont say too much just now in case theres any lurking manager types out there and i put my foot in it by being too presumptuous (spelling??). Am just playing the waiting game now but im fairly confident...
I was once the manager of that shop.

Ope it goes owrite fer ee moi babber.

Bissent let the appeal of staff discounts get in the way of getting a proper job lessen ee get stuck there for twenty yurs loik I.
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