Drinking too much coffee

Can't have too much coffee!
Just bought four kilos of Vietnamese coffee to take back with me (it's a quarter of the price here (Cambodia) than buying online in England!

Funnily enough, though, I prefer tea!


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Two cups of strong coffee a day is about right for me, one first thing and one when I get home from work. Rest of the day it's tea! :biggrin:


One of my New Year's resolutions - drink less coffee. I have cut down significantly - one cup a day and now drink those infusion things. I am actually getting used to them - but a useful side effect is that I drink more water.


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just don't call "instant" coffee, it's just vacuum dust mixed with gravy powder.


it's got to be filter or espresso based to count as coffee.


Caffeine increases insulin resistance by 15%. I've just switched to decaf tea and coffee and the headaches have kicked in already :biggrin:

Hopefully will pass quickly


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One can never have too much coffee! I have been reliably informed that black coffee is beneficial for my health - lucky me!



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what? You go straight to the bowels? Whatever floats your boat I guess!

Both tea and coffee go straight through me. I very rarely drink builders tea or instant coffee these days. Instant tastes of nothing but two makes my gut feel bad. For me, it's a single cup of 'proper' coffee (i.e. fresh ground) a day and then only green tea.
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