Driver decides to mark my anniversary...

[FONT=&quot]As I have mentioned elsewhere, this is my 5th anniversary of cycle commuting.

Unfortunately this van driver felt the need to mark it. My reaction is the realisation that there is a trailer and is in response to how close it gets. Very, VERY close. Centimetres and that is not an exaggeration.:smile::angry::sad:

I will be reporting thi tomorrow!


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wow... that was especially close! - I had something similar happen to me once while i was on my *ahem* moped. I was squeezed up against a curb though and hod no option but to stop

Yup, report to Morrison services


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Judging by the spelling in that video, you've been at the buckie to celebrate your anniversary.:sad: (I point it out, so mr_hippo doesn't have to)

Trailers are a f***in' menace. I had a very similar incident a few months ago in the New Forest where a 4x4 with a trailer full of bikes missed me by inches. He also managed to scare the bejesus out of the cyclist coming the other way. Still, the trailer was full of MTBs, so what do you expect.:smile:


Bollo said:
Judging by the spelling in that video, you've been at the buckie to celebrate your anniversary.:smile: (I point it out, so mr_hippo doesn't have to)
I do comment on this in the video comments! :sad::sad: I always forget to proof read the video before posting. Doh!
Jeez that was close and fast, especially taking into account how a camera distorts things. I think some muppets forget they are driving something which is 3m longer than what they normally drive!


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Nasty, too close. Had the very same thing happen to me back in March just before I gave up. It was a Morrisons van just the same as this one, pulling a trailer with a digger on it too, except it wasn't on a wide dual carriageway as in this instance but on a single carriageway B road with a car coming in the opposite direction hence the sharp pull in on me. I screamed as well as I thought I was going down. I think Morrisons are contracted by the utility companies to repair outages, leaks, etc. Most of their employees are knuckle draggers. So report it to Morrisons and plod.

Obviously I'm glad he didn't make contact with you MT. A close run thing though.


The following has been sent to Morrison Utilities

Unfortunately I am contacting you with regard to the quality of driving I experienced with one of your employees.

Yesterday evening (07/07/10), at about 5:30pm I was cycling home (as I do every day) heading north towards Anniesland Cross, Glasgow. Whilst on the approach to the cross I was passed very closely by one of your vans (registration YK58 YOE, van number 2327). However, it was not the van I was most concerned about, it was the trailer at the back. As the driver cut in front of me the trailer came within centimetres of knocking me off my bike, at speed.

I am a cycle safety campaigner and as part of my campaigning I video all of my rides, using a helmet camera, and post incidents on youtube. This particular incident can be viewed here (

). I apologise for the swearing in the video, however, this illustrates how close I felt I was to being knocked off.

As a company who takes safety seriously I hope you will look into this matter with some vigor. It would only take a few more centimetres for an incident such as yesterdays to become a lot more serious.

Yours sincerely


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Bad one. When i had my trailer incident with Approved Driveways of Solihull (the trailer which was wider than the van actually hit my right pannier ) i luckily didn't have those metal railings caging me in. That could have been worse, glad you're ok.


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Hope you get some joy with the company that looks like a typical bad overtake that we are all to familiar with.

And its my 2 year (approx) anniversary of commuting and i spent it off the bike all week with a real stinker of a summer cold :ohmy:
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