Not surprising with the wind and rain like today. :sad:


I was right about that saddle
Sadly my Summer commute route is too dangerous at night so I go out at lunch times instead. Bring on the Spring and Summer.


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I must admit to using the bus a little more recently but still getting in on the bike around 90% of the time.


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Cool, I do like nice infographics and silly statistics :smile:

One upside of my wife being ill is that I get to ride my bike to work every day, so I've been commuting all winter so far. However, even I bottled it today and took the tram. I was catching up with the Steven Abraham news over breakfast and thinking maybe I should mtfu and go for it but in the end decided it wouldn't be any fun in the wind. The house is shaking as I write this :ph34r:

I CBA putting my commutes on Strava though.

jonny jeez

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This is assuming that Strava is relevant to most commuters, I seriously doubt it.

I don't think I know anyone who commutes and doesn't use it
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