Dropout width on modern Dawes Galaxy Tourer?


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Can someone tell me what it is please. I ask because I have an unused one that I'm selling and I measured it at 138mm A prospective buyer said that that width is for 26" wheels??

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I'm sure an owner of a Galaxy will soon post, but in the meantime, have look at this: http://www.sheldonbrown.com/frame-spacing.html


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Thanks GA, I'd had a quick look at that but I thought that modern tourers used Shimano MTB type hubs for extra strength and they're 135mm? Sheldon talk about 130mm presumably "fast " road bikes.


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yep 135mm as they are built to take mtb hubs with 700c rims. couple of mm either way is no odds, bit too wide better than bit too narrow imo.

Surely your prospective buyer, being so clued up, should know all this!?!


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bobg said:
A prospective buyer said that that width is for 26" wheels??
No, that width is for (what are traditionally classed as) MTB hubs. MTBs traditionally come with 26" wheels.
You can however build a 700c rim onto a 135mm hub, or indeed a 26" rim onto a 130mm hub.


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They've been 700c wheels since mid/late 80's. (27 x 1-1/4" before that)
AFAIK they never made a Galaxy with 26" wheels

I think the change to 135mm happened late 90's (even before the move away from 531 tubeset)

Suggest you take a pic to show the MTB hub - and the 700c rim/tyre to show your buyer exactly what he's getting - but if he/she wants to respace the dropouts to 130mm that's relatively easy to do on a steel frame.


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Thanks for all your help chaps.
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