Drops or flats

Following on from greenmark above I am interested in fitting aero bars on my bike (stanard road racer with drops). I have only just got it as I had lots of problems with wrist and hand pain (old problem from work) with the flats on a Mountain bike.
Is anyone using Aero bars on general touring say on 20-40 mile road runs?
If so have you shifted the STI's onto the Aero or left them on the drops?
at the risk of being repetively boring I use a flat wrapround pseudo-aero bar - loadsa hand positions and allows me to be stretched out or upright at my whim - problem i see with butterfly bars is that you end up too upright most of the time unless you use a stem about a foot long (300mm for those post decimel)

controls stay where you expect them on flat bars - easy to move hands from wherevever - anyway generally braking I like to be well balanced and relaxed with weight slightly more on rear for control through hairpins etc - therefore it it all seems to work very well

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