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I'm posting my first thread after what happened to me on my ride this afternoon but first, let me introduce myself.

I'm Craig, 29 and from Shotts, a small town in between Glasgow and Edinburgh. A fairly rural place with plenty of hills and lonely country roads, which are good fun for cycling. I bought myself a hybrid as I watch the big bike races on the TV and always want to get a bike and get out there.

So. back to the point. I was out earlier today on a ~ 30km ride around the area (which you can see here on Strava). I was climbing a fairly steep hill and was looking forward to a bit of respite and a drink on the descent, as I've been reading that you should drink little and often, before tackling the BIG HILL that was next. Now, at the top of this climb, there's a farm. So I'm working away, trying to get up the hill when I hear barking coming from the farm. No big deal. It's a sheep farm - they obviously use dogs to round up the sheep. I'm still pedalling up the hill, past the gates of the farm. Now one important point is I'M STILL CLIMBING THE HILL. I'm climbing, I'm stuggling and I'm suffering.

Then in my peripheral vision, I see two suspicious black and white shapes head out of the barn towards the road - DUGS! The Scottish comedian, Kevin Bridges has a fantastic sketch about when dogs become 'dugs' and I was hoping to put it in here. But I can't find it. So hey-ho.

Anyway, dugs, not dogs, are running towards me, barking and snarling. Two collies in their flush of youth, obviously bored and looking for some sheep to terrorise. So obvious when I go past, struggling to shift my 16st carcass up this hill, they must think their birthday and christmas has come at once. This is not good. But we humans are pre-programmed to stuff like this. Our ancestors had to be wary of many things and we developed a response - fight or flight. And I am very happy to report that mine is in full working order. Out of nowhere, I had a surge of adrenalin which fuelled me over the crest of the hill and down the over side.

I didn't even look back. I just pedalled and pedalled. I don't even think I changed gears. I just wanted away from the threat. And after pedalling for what felt like 20 minutes, I heard a familiar noise, a whistle, from the farmer. And just like that, the two devil dugs turned and headed back, obviously to terrorise some sheep, after their warm up.

I just wanted to share my tale, firstly as a therapy session and to warm others of The Dugs on the farm on the road up to Kirk O'Shotts

Has anyone else had any animal-related cycling stories? Let's have them.

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That's a new way of improving your climbing .you should see the thread HILLS in the beginners section somebody wants to know how to improve their climbing :laugh:


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See, that sounds lovely. Whereas the two buggers earlier were just taking advantage of me being a big lump!
I was on the flat and just dawdling along :laugh: he circled me a couple of times before his owner called 'down' and he dropped like a brick :laugh:

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I've had the same happen to me in the back roads near me but on foot, a swift boot soon got rid of the bogger after it sank its teeth into my boot, I'd put my winter walking boots on that day or it would have been a jag in the bum...
in my previous life working, it was a regular occurrence...
no mercy I'm afraid. it or me..


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should've let them have a drink or chucked the bottle at them, then sped off!

Heck, you can't even hit them with a pump anymore. Trying to fight off a rabid dug with a 6 inch micro pump, nah, doesn't work!
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