Dun Run lite - Friday, 3 Oct


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Blatantly stealing @Flying Dodo 's brilliant idea , a small contingent of Friday peeps (not on an "official" Fridays foray, though!) is planning to ride the Dunwich Dynamo route on a Friday's night. More specifically, on 3 October. Meet 23:30 for a midnight start at the Pub on the Park (London Fields, Hackney). Halfway stop will be at the 24 hours Tesco in Sudbury. Breakfast at the Flora Tearooms on the beach in Dunwich, which hopefully open at 10am (I will double check).

114 miles on a really lovely route.

Getting back: Trains from Dasham via Iswich, or cycling another 31 miles to Stowmarket, where trains go straight to London.

Anyone interested?
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The original (four-person) variant was good, so definitely interested in having another go.


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Interested, and in my Google calendar. Would use the Giant cos it's New! & Shiny! and a bit faster. Sounds like fun.
However, usual caveats apply - i might be riding across northern Spain from Pamplona to Santiago de Compostela with @ianmac62 and possibly @Gordon P - or indeed somewhere else in Spain at that time. But if I'm around, I'll ride it.


Interested and in the diary.


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It's now in my diary. It was a most enjoyable ride last year, although I had to bail at about 80 miles as I had things to do, so I have unfinished business there.
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