Dunce question about lubricating a chain

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by Mac66, 29 Apr 2008.

  1. Mac66

    Mac66 Senior Member

    Hi All,

    Are you ready for the science bit?

    On a chain you've got the flat plate link thingies, attached to the round bits in the middle.

    I know that the purpose of oiling a chain is to stop metal on metal rub, but where should I be aiming to place the oil? On the round bits? On the area where the plates join the round bits? IOr elsewhere?

  2. Smokin Joe

    Smokin Joe Legendary Member

    I run a drop across each of the rollers (the round bits). These are the bits that come into contact with the sprockets and the sideplates of the chain.
  3. Fab Foodie

    Fab Foodie hanging-on in quiet desperation ...

    Where the oil actually NEEDS to be is INSIDE the roller (the round-bit), that's where the major chain wear occurs. A light film on the outside is more than enough.

    Read here...all you need to know.
  4. domtyler

    domtyler Über Member

    Put on plenty and then wipe off the excess.
  5. OP

    Mac66 Senior Member

  6. Cathryn

    Cathryn California Correspondant

    I love questions like this! I like it when people risk looking dense as well so I don't have to stick my neck out.

    My next chain question then is can you over-oil a chain and how do you know if you've done so? I'm quite clumsy and only have to pick the bike up to be covered in oil, which makes me think I might be overly zealous on chain maintenance.
  7. summerdays

    summerdays Cycling in the sun Moderator

    Once you have lubricated it .... you leave it on for a small while ... then try and rub it all off again - so I am lead to believe ... as you want it on the inside rather than the outside to pick up bits.
  8. Lube, wipe, wipe wipe, lube, wipe wipe wipe wipe wipe.


    Wipe, wipe.

    Repeat as necessary.
  9. fossyant

    fossyant Ride It Like You Stole It!

    South Manchester
    Yup - Lube it, let it dry, then wipe the excess off with a rag - the inside of the rollers is where it's needed. If you allow too much oil to sit there the chain will get dirty quickly.

    The knack is to oil regular with a good quality bike oil, then wipe off excess. It's also easy to wipe off any dirty film. The key is little and often.
  10. In liquids there is less surface tension in between the two objects that on top of them so the liquid will actually push itself between the parts like ink runs up an ink pen on its own. So as long as you put enough (or too much) on it will find its own way to where it is needed.
  11. Cathryn

    Cathryn California Correspondant

    I had no idea about the wiping. Thanks guys.
  12. As said above:biggrin:
  13. Arch

    Arch Married to Night Train

    Salford, UK
  14. twentysix by twentyfive

    twentysix by twentyfive Clinging on tightly

    Over the Hill
    If riding a lot in the wet - you can't put too much oil on.

    Cos the rain will wash it off.
  15. twentysix by twentyfive

    twentysix by twentyfive Clinging on tightly

    Over the Hill
    Crumbs - that's brave (in the "Yes Minister" sense :biggrin: ) taking a chain apart :biggrin:
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