Earbuds and wind noise

Not wanting a debate on rights/wrongs of wearing earpieces while cycling. I intend to use a single ear bud on quiet roads. I want recommendations on sports/water resistant buds that stay put and limit wind noise. Bluetooth or jack. Thanks for any insight.

Heltor Chasca

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I personally prefer Bluetooth. Wind noise happens with my Airpods and Beats X. But the actual in ear bud is so good I still find the audio great.

Some like the AfterShock bone conductors but I have never tried that. The ultra distance crew have wired earbuds as I guess it is one less thing to worry about charging in the road.


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I ride with my big sennheiser studio overear headphones on, blocks all wind and traffic noise. Probably not the safest thing to do but if I’m getting knocked off it’s happening with or without tunes, and I’d prefer to die with a cool soundtrack like in the movies, rather than listening to crunching metal and bones!


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I've got the AfterShock bone conducting headphones and I really like them. Not great for listening to podcasts or talk radio in busy areas, but for music (or when there is little traffic) they are great. I've even started using them when walking the dogs.
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