Easton Tempest II Alloy Wheelset


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sorry for all of the questions!

but ive just seen this wheelset, how does it compare to the Kysrium SL?

any info?



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South Beds.
I have read that Easton wheels are pretty strong. They are pretty light too. The Mavics are a prefered choice for many but at 1500g a pair the Eastons would prolly be my choice:


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I think I am going to be getting a pair of Easton's at some point this year, they are meant to be great wheels and have had really amazing reviews.


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I got a pair of Easton Orion IIs about a year ago. I think they're based on the same basic idea as the Tempest and Ascent, but the Orions have a few more spokes for the burlier road-warrior. So far I've covered about 1000+miles on them on pock-marked Hampshire backroads and they've not needed truing. They feel VERY strong, and I really have to go some to get any rubbing on the rear brakes.

I believe the only down-side is that spoke replacement is not something yer average LBS can do as they are threaded Easton-only specials, but I stand to be corrected.


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I've been racing on the T2's for a couple of years. Light, really robust (haven't had to touch them with a spoke key) and the smoothest hubs ever! Couldn't recommend them enough!
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