Eating flies + stomach upsets

Cats eat crisps (if you let them), but it doesn't make them good at football!


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Goo, as a fit and healthy cyclist you will probably survive swallowing a fly, but there was an old lady swallowed a fly and she died. There was a song in her memory sung by Burl Ives. Burl Ives is dead too.:thumbsup:


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Road Fiddler said:
I joined this forum to fuel my love for cycling and my first post is on the merits of eating bugs, around the world insects are considered a delicacy by many people, this is partly due to insects often being the only reliable source of protein in peoples diets.

The University of Wisconsin publishes a periodical called the Food Insect news letter and the British Museum publishes the Why Not Eat Insects? newsletter.

Oh and before you ask i am a survival instructor and this subject is on the menu LOL

Beat me too it, as soon as I saw this thread I thought, I'm sure fly's are full of protein. Although I belieth in the fact isn't as grounded as yours, I heard it like most things I think I know on a TV show. [url=']The Highwayman[/url] if anyone is interested.
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