Eating Properly Organised

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OK - that's it!
I'm asking for a test to find out what you lot have been taking on board throughout this current Tour.
If the management discover high levels of clotted cream - you're off the board.
There will be no use running to Dr Skoda saying '...but it was only an extra sultana in my scone that made me write so much more than the others...'
Come clean you super posters and tell us what you have been scoffing - or be exposed in Baker's Weekly. The choux is yours...
Remember, you can have vin, but you can't have Vino...clotted not Klo... Millefeuille...but you can't be a thousand sheets to the wind...
Sit down - don't take your tea mobile...
Gerald Steiner's boys had too much beer, esp Robert and his Forsters.
Bernard tried eating Kohl, thought it was full of carbon.
David had too many Kopp cakes.
And Marcel ate so much he couldn't fit into his Levi's (and no, not Leipheimer!)

Team Liquid Gas ought to stay away from dodgy vindaloos, otherwise their musettes will have other uses.

Team Milram are the bees Knees, esp. Christian. Ralf got to the table first and Grabsched everything before the others. Matej stayed in his room and had a good old Jurco.

Quick Step Innit team like French Bacquets. Bram's Tankin it at the pit stop, and Geert Verheyen coughs up greenies every time he says his name.

Rob a bank enjoy other activities: Juan Antonio is Felching Oscar, but he's getting a bit Free-er now, Thomas Dekked Theo for el tinkering with Pieter's Weeny!

Jan Ullrich left T-Mobile when he found out he hadn't actually signed up for T-Bone Steak GmbH. Micheal's Rogering Jacob who's on the Piil and then he wants to take Bernard up the Eisel.

How low can you go! :biggrin: SO SORRY :biggrin:
Here go's no particular order

BLT on granary
double decker
Tuna on granary
Onken yoghurt with bits
Kit Kat
Chinese Buffet
Indian Meal
lots of Booze (Newmarket Races and Madness)
Green Tea
Fish and Chips

And so on and so on................obviously I relax somewhat when not in training!!
OoooH - another one causing suspicion...better be suspended as there's many a slip twix cup and lip.
A good masking diet this one, and popular with the pros - except for one of the other words it's cool; stop salmon.

Otherwise it's a clear case of chocolade, Jaques!
chris42 said:
the Americans just keep eating packets of Discos and littering the route
(...Thinking he got away with it...) Sorry to report Chris that you have been seen going down the EPO trail on another thread. Alexander the soigneur saw you Expletive Protest Organising - on his patch no less. Now that is a bad boy thing to do (snigger...)

Fab Foodie

hanging-on in quiet desperation ...
Kirton, Devon.
Originally Posted by

OK - that's it!
If the management discover high levels of clotted cream - you're off the board.

Baggy said:
On Sunday we had a cream tea. Scones, clotted cream and strawberry jam.

O dear!
Err...I'm Devon born and bred...the clotted cream's in my blood....from birth, honest, we have err...naturally high levels...and cholesterol and's our cant ban some of us for that surely?
Fab - the board's first clean poster - at last!

This is what happens when you come clean at the outset... (but we still don't believe you...:biggrin:)
Please report for your test at the bottom of Porlock Hill. You will be required to ride to the top with full panniers, carrying old copies of C+ and six cans of Strongbow. On arriving, you will be met by Victoria Beckham's nutritionist - who will be checking your spokes for suspicious bulges -and Mrs Scroggins our senior tester. She will load you with a control dose of three scones - fully equipped with jam and cream. If you can descend the Hill whilst eating the scones - without leaving 'residuals' on the tarmac - the Dopey Stop board will be satisfied.:biggrin: (You'll never make it...:smile:)

But beware. No eating honey before the test...we'll be asking for a bee sample.
Keith Oates said:
But...but..I only drank beer followed by some chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's a Duff excuse Keith... A Tour de France pro could think up a better one than that!
Typical of the Asiana team to rely on chocolate. Mixed too... Dairy Milk, Fruit & Nut, Milky Bar...tut tut.
Visit the Khazi - at once!:biggrin:

PS You're suspended for intoxicating posting.
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