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Under this umbrella i would include all similar websites.

Having never used anything similar other than Amazon i am unsure about whats dodgy what isnt and how to find a bargin.

My reason for interest is ofcourse a bike. I am currently riding a hybrid which is used 6 days a week commuting, but wanting a road bike. HOWEVER against all my wants i am opting not to go ahead and buy an expensive road bike outright as winter will be upon us soon and i could use that time running around on a nice second hand road bike, rather than a brand new one which i would never want to ride during winter.

So my dilema, i have read throughout the site of people reccommending a cheap second hand bike off ebay, however having looked i can find much, so im wondering if there is a knack to finding them, or different sites which are well used?

Looking to spend no more that £100 really, would also consider a single speed for the easier cleaning and maintenance.
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