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I've been surfing Ebay for some cycling jerseys and came across some chinese sellers. I'm just wondering if their products are genuine in terms of quality and material, and do you recommend it?

I've also came across a Chinese company, LightInTheBox, that sells pro bike jerseys and tights. Are these genuine as well?

My experience of buying from a Chinese E'bayer is from date of win to arrival 29days.However,the product(front & rear neon lights) including P&P came to less than the P&P on the same(identical)product from Ireland,the product from Ireland(the lights)cost without P&P the same as the total of the Chinese deal.Happy & Safe Riding to You All.


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Thanks for replying. I'm concerned more about the quality and functionality of the product. Was it a clone? How did you find it?

Some people who've bought some of these pro-team replica jerseys on eBay have been discussing them on BikeRadar.

If it costs £30/40/50 for a proper Nalini/Santini/whatever jersey from PBK or Wiggle or Prendas, do you really think it's a real one if it costs under £20 inc P&P for jersey + bibshorts from China ?

No, the people on BR have said that they're not 'real', they're fake replicas (i.e. counterfeit copies of, what is after all, replica team kit...), but that the quality isn't actually bad at all.
One guy said he preferred the China-fake, it was more breathable then the official jersey he had for another pro-team...
Hi to you all out there,in my response to the post by Kr4tOz I failed to make it clear that the product was identical and did not appear at all to be a clone.It was almost as though the product from China came out of one door as the products intended for the Irish Buyer went out of another(in the factory)know what I mean,nudge-nudge-wink wink.Also on another matter of very recent discovery,I noticed in Cycling Weekly of the 8th April 2010 on page 42 the article about the Airbone ZT-702 Supernova Pump.This item is a (Taiwanese)rip off copy!!/Identical to the Maxgear mini pump.It turns out that the manufacture of the product has gone to another distributor that might be able to move them by the warehouse full rather than the container full.Maxgear are selling their item for £14.99p (P&P INCLUDED) not£ 25.99p.I have two of the Maxgear products and can confirm that the will/do inflate a 700x23c to ROCK HARD in a little less than 2mins.They come with a neat mounting plate and adapter to enable both Presta & Schrader valves to be inflated.The complete unit weighs 79gms,the pump with adapter in place weighs 63gms.The mounting plate fits behind a bottle carrier so as to allow two items fixed in the one location.Maxgear is a fabulous company to deal with,with an expanding range of products and they sponsor home grown hopefuls.Happy & Safe Riding to You All.


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In China they copy anything you look for. It's not the genuine product. I put a bid on ebay on the Sky team kit but it was taken off the site.
I have a friend who buys lots of shoes from there. They are alright. I doubt though they function as well if you need proper shoes for your sport.

Further to make these jerseys doesn't cost much it just the enormous profit made over it in my opinion.


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Globalti said:
Sure you really want to buy Chinese?


Well I certainly won't be cycling with cheap furniture on my bike then!!!
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