Edinburgh Commuters

May as well put all the photo's of the tram works in there.

Eoin Rua

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Had a quick look through some of the photos - reckon I'm pretty lucky as my 'commute' to uni takes me up the Calder Rd which is actually pretty decent...any time I'm cycling through/around town I've learned where most of the dodgy spots are - e.g. really bad potholes turning left at the Charlotte Sq. end of George St


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Hmmm.... maybe a bit of editing of submissions required. Surely we don't really want to cycle on the bypass, for example?

However, plenty of stupid examples too - I hadn't seen those barriers at the tunnel on the IR before and that's a belter of a cycle lane at Ocean Terminal.

There's a few examples on my commute - lots of potholes, sleeping policemen, cars parked on cycle lanes, stupid cycles lanes (one on a roundabout at the Gyle, hugging the outside all the way round).
Has anybody got a photo of that new monstrosity of an ASL they're building at the George St/ St Andrews Sq junction. Going southbound on West side of St Andrews there's a feeder lane to the ASL, however they've also built out the pavement so the feeder lane is at a funny angle and narrows a fair bit when somebody stupid enough to use it actually needs it!
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