Edinburghs Tram Lines bite me in the ass

Darren Jeffrey

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was cycling home last night after work and coming up to Haymarket train station in Edinburgh. Was in the bike lane and unfortunately the car trying to pass me cut the end of the bike lane of forcing me ever so slightly left than where I had planned to be. As I was trying to avoid a collision I took my eye of what was ahead for a split second and my front wheel slipped on the tram track and the back wheel followed that by becoming lodged in between the lines. Off I came luckily avoiding any serious Injury except some superficial bruising and aches. Back wheel is buckled beyond repair.

Tram lines have been highlighted in the press recently and I'm beginning to think they are pretty dangerous after all.

Biggest disappointment was a line of taxi drivers at the rank where all looking as I picked myself up off the ground and not one asked if I was ok never mind come to my aid, truly disappointing


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A former colleague had a very similar thing happen to him very recently, in Edinburgh. Looked sore.
And you know what is worse, Edinburgh council was advised by a delegation from Holland , allegedly, that under no exceptions should tram lines and cyclists be mixed.

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