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I don't like the way that a post is marked as edited even when the edit is done immediately.

On the previous version there was a time period within which a post could be edited without the notification appearing; this is useful to allow immediate typos to be corrected. Often I post and then immediately notice that I've mistyped a word or something and it's handy to be able to go back in to change this.

Can a delay be put in here, say to allow five minutes after first posting for changes to be made?


No, that's not an option for this software.

I do plan, however, to make the Edited text notice smaller as it stands out much more than it should.



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I can't even find edit ????

Though when I do I'll edit this & look clever :sad:

EDIT Ooh found it on this post but not my last one ?


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this may be just an old age thing, but I'm unable to go back and edit posts which have been replied to. I do this on the rider lists for the FNRttC, which saves pages becoming a succession of long lists...

please accept my apologies if I've simply not worked it out.
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