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My back wheel (fulcrum racing 7) is playing silly buggers again.

It's constantly going out of true/breaking spokes.

I've managed to true it up horizontally, but its still got a definite egginess about its rotation.

Is it worth

1) saying sod it and buying some new wheels. Cant afford anything stupidly expensive, but Planet X or the cheaper Mavics are just about within range.

2) Paying the LBS to rebuild it with decent spokes - any idea how much this would cost?

3) Persevering and trying to true it up myself.

I'll probably do 3 anyway tbh cos I do like the look of the 7 (and the clicky free wheel), just don't know how successfull I'll be.


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I would go with 3.

When truing a wheel the first thing I do is get the wheel as round as possible, then worry about the horizontal.


Some of the cheaper Mavics are a bit made of cheese and decent spokes/building is likely to cost more than the wheel is worth.

I'd re-true and save up for some really good wheels:tongue:

Mavic Cosmics are my tip - pretty bomb-proof even with my 13st and fast.

ps Have you tried some threadlock type product on the threads?


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Rebuild with decent spokes????
IMO it's unlikely to be the quality of the spokes that are causing the breakages - it's usually fatigue failures from uneven tensions.

But if you are going to rebuild with new spokes...I'm wondering if a slightly different lacing would be beneficial - or even possible?
16 DS 2x / 8 NDS radial at the moment right? Anyone know if it would take a 1x on the NDS? It would change the look very slightly, but as the front is all radial it's not going to be very noticeable. It might make difference to the strength - or it could destroy the rims completely ?


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Both the constant spoke breaking and the eggyness is likely to be becuase of un-even spoke tension.
Provided the rims straight if you were to re-build the wheel with new spokes then it should slove both your problems.

However, if the rims buckled then you will never get the wheel built up with even spoke tensions and it will probably continue to break spokes.
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