Elite Turbo Trainer width adjustment

Ive recently purhcased an Elite Turbo Trainer. For my road bike it fits fine but i want to put the Mrs's MTB on it. Ive found that the rear axle on the MTB is shorter and therefore when the trainer is clamped up the bike falls out of the clamps. Is the 'fixed' clamp side of the trainer reversible or adjustable to allow it to fit or are there longer nut extenders to attach to the current axle to make it that bit wider to fit?
any advice?

Rich Worrall

am i missing something here? :unsure:
My turbo came with qr to replace the spindle normaly used.The instructions advised that this should be used on the turbo in place of the standard qr.Not sure if this applies to a mountain bike


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I can't tell from a stock photo if its the same as some turbos...if you look at it, one side of course has the clamping 'mechanism'...the opposite side has a locking ring, loosen that and it allows the inner hollow axle to screw in or out to suit your wheel OLN. Once adjusted, simply tighten that locking ring. You then use the other side to lock your bike in as normal.
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