Emergency Spinal Surgery


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relief to hear it wasn't paralasis maggot, here's to a speedy recovery :biggrin:


Bad luck chap :biggrin:. On the up side, you no doubt thought much worse was in store, so you could consider you got off lightly (did that come out wrong ?)


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I don't know anything about it, but best of luck with your recovery. From what you say it sounds very nasty, but it had the potential to be a lot worse. :wacko:

(And yes I had noticed you weren't around if that makes you feel any better. :biggrin:)


Were you under the knife of Dr Porter? He did my craniotomy after my accident in May. Nothing but good stuff to report about Frenchay from my point of view.

Let me know how it goes.


I'd like to repeat what Barq said. No advice but plenty of best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Are you allowed cheesecake?


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Sounds nasty, but on the plus side, it seems that despite some relatively short-term ikkyness, you're going to be fine. And that has got to be a positive Maggot!

Rest, heal, grow strong with gentle *huggles*


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Get well soon. That must have been really scary. We all have to count our blessings sometimes. Something like that can bring everything into a different perspective. Here's hoping for a speedy recovery and enjoy the swimming, it's great! :biggrin:


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Yes, get well soon. I am sending you a virtual e-card (by virtual e-card I mean that it is an e-card that virtually exists), and wish you all of the best for a speedy recovery.
There's tea in t' other room if you want it.


Maggot, you've climbed a very long and steep hill. Enjoy the view from the top and coast down nice and easy...chapeau and get well soon!


GWS from me too Maggot, hope you get back, not merely to where you were before this crisis, but a whole lot improved from that! Were you in severe pain before the op, or merely numbness? I had a former colleague who went through what sounds like a very similar op. to yours (he had to go private 'cos he couldn't stand it with the pain waiting for an NHS appointment). This was several years ago. I'm not sure if I have his current e-mail but I'll see if I can get in touch, he may have some tips.


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This sounds like the procedure my dad had about 5 weeks ago. He's been back on the bike since Boxing Day, if not earlier. All the best.


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Sorry to hear about your problem and best wishes for your recovery.

I'm something of a fellow sufferer although without the surgery bit. In October I had a bad fall and fractured 3 neck vertebrae and a back vertebrae between my shoulder blades. Surgery would have done nothing for the neck bones and all they could do on the back one was stick a screw in which was optional! Supported by the surgeons advice, I chose not to have surgery as it would not have got me up any quicker.

Whilst in hospital for 5 weeks I saw many other patients arrive and go under the knife - it was like a miracle in many cases, the speed with which they recovered from months of pain and disability. I hope your recovery is equally rapid.
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